Rahan Electric Guitars Instruments

At USA Guitars, Rahan electric guitars hold a special place for us — it is our own line of hand-built guitars. Before founding USA Guitars, our fearless founder longed for the perfect guitar — the one that delivered the desired vibes, the one that fits in the hand so perfectly that you never wanted to let go.

Less-than-perfect beginner guitars just weren’t cutting it, but Rahan instruments were a game-changer. USA Guitars presented its line of Rahan electric guitars officially in 2002 and we haven’t looked back.

After years of playing, trial-and-error attempts at rebuilding guitars, fixing instruments for friends and testing instruments that were being dubbed “best in the world”, the USA Guitars decided that there was an opportunity to make a difference. We believe we’ve filled a niche need for musicians who are interested in acquiring the guitar that will last them a lifetime.