When I got my first loot of Melancon guitars in one of them was a P-90 Pro Artist. I was intrigued by the mahogany neck and body matched up with the P-90s. Vintage Gibson type materials on a Fender scale.

I got this one out and took it home for a couple of days. I could not stay away from this guitar. I very reluctantly took it back to the shop before I played into being used.

The next thing I know I have a customer in the shop and he is feeling the same way I do. He orderd one with a koa top and a tremolo. When this guitar came in it had different Dimarzio P-90s. They are stacked and Gerard wires them so the mini switch will switch them between series, parallel and split. I have never heard a pickup contrast itself so drastically in these different modes.

In the split mode they sound a lot like a vintage single coil but with a bit more high-mids. In parallel they smooth out quite a bit and sound more humbuckerish but with that vintage P90s feel. In series they bite your head off wth that vintage P-90 sound which I ahve often described as a single coil with a soar throat.

For vintage rock and blues I am really impressed with these pickups. I am also really impressed with Gerard Melancon’s choice and mix of materials used on these guitars.

This is some really good stuff!