New Orleans is up to something special

I have just received my first New Orleans VooDoo SL. This is the cajun version of a bolt on neck, but we know that cajuns always do things a little different. In this case, extremely different.

When Vincent decided to design a bolt on guitar that would be more afordable to the working musician he was not happy with the standard bolt on configuration that has been around for years on end. He started thinking in terms of a giant dovetail joint. We talked several times during the design stage and as always, I was impressed with Vincent’s creativity and originality. These will sell in the 1400-2000 range with limited wood otions.

Well, my first Slide Lock VooDoo came in this week. The first thing I noticed is that I have never seen a swamp ash top look so beautiful. He did a vintage tobacco sunburst and I can just not get over the luster of the finish.

The next thing I noticed when I picked it up out of the case is that this is not a sissy guitar. It is definately on the heavy side. Vincent mentioned he may chamber them in the future, but in his words… But that sustain is just holding me back!

The absolutely beautiful finish accents the swirls of the mahogany back and neck. The cocobola fretboard is very nicely colored and while I’m at the neck… the fret dressing is immaculate.

The neck joint… now thats going to be hard to explain. It truly is a giant dovetail joint. Bt it is such a tight fit that it does not need the standard 4 screws to hold in in place. The tension of the strings acually tightens the joing. There is just one allen head bolt embedded in the back to keep the neck from slipping out, which I seriously doubt it would, but its not a bad idea to make sure! And the way the back and neck contour together… well, you just have to see it.

Playing it unplugged it showed a tremendous amount of vibe. I then plugged it in spent the next hour playing this guitar. In fact, that was not enough but it was getting late and I hate missing the kids bed time so home I went… but this baby went with me.

I would love to post pictures of this guitar but at this writing I can not bring myself to bring it back to the shop. It just seems to not want to leave my home studio! Especially since I liked the articulation of the pickups but I was not getting enough “umph” out of them. Vincent set me straight there. The pups are Dimarzio Airbuckers. They take the rear plate off which make the pickup moe articulate. However in doing so they loose power. He told me to try cranking the pups up closer to the strings… problem solved.

Now lets get back to that sustain. I was in the studio and decided I was thirsty. I put the guitar down in my chair and as I was walking out I tapped the low E string. I went inside, got my drink, lolly-gagged around because you can never eat just one Lays potato chip and went back out. The note was still ringing! I could not believe it. I had to have been gone 2 or 3 minutes at least. It wasn’t feeding back as the amp was turned down, it was ringing. So don’t let anyone ever tell you that you have to have a set neck to get sustain!

I promise pictures in a couple of weeks. By then I will be able to let go of this beautiful guitar long enough to get some pictures. Or sooner if Vincent gets me the swamp ash necked model he is bragging about. I say Budreaux, you me can’t make no swamp ash neck for true! Beaudreaux took that as a dare!!!