New Orleans Guitar Semi-Hollow

I could talk all day about that guitar but it would be nothing compared to playing it. When Vincent (New Orleans Guitar) told me he had built a semi-hollow I told him that sounds pretty cool when is he going to build another one. He said he already had it in the plans and I would get it. The first one had a really cool top on it (I don’t remember what it was, just remember it sounded exotic). When he told me the one he was building for me was a spruce top I told him, Oh great, that’s about as exciting as cardboard. Of course he laughed at me and said, But if it comes out like I think the tone is going to blow you away. Also that he was going to use black limba for the rest of the body pieces.

I wasn’t too worried that it would not look good because I have seen him finish a piece of ash and make it look spectacular. So I was not surprised at how surprised I was when I opened up the guitar and it was really beautiful. The pictures do not do it justice as digital photos always tend to make a sunburst look too striped.

I play pretty much every guitar that comes in. I like to get a feel for them so I have something to talk to my customers about. Also if there are any problems I can hopefully find them. I plugged it into an old rebuilt Fender Deluxe Reverb and started playing. I had just put down a very high end guitar built by Joe Driskill of Dallas and I could not believe how much better the NOG felt. It just grabbed me by the soul and would not let me go. I normally play a guitar for 10-15 minutes. This one I played for almost 2 hours. It is so very responsive to pick attack and just has the sweetest sound. I really don’t want to sell it but if I keep it I will not play it often enough. It needs a better home than I can give it. It is really awesome!