Some People

Some people, some guitar dealers, I won’t name any names, seem to feel that if they can’t make a profit on a guitar the guitar is a piece of junk. Any dealer selling that guitar must not know much about guitars. It’s like dealing with a used car salesman. If you go to a Dodge dealer to buy a truck he will tell you that the Fords are noisy rattle traps. If you go to the Chevy dealer he will tell you how Ford and Dodge are so primitive their trucks do not even compare and there is no way you can do an apples-to-apples comparison. I have bought many thing in my life and one of the most unpleasant buying experiences comes when buying a vehicle. I do not understand why some people would want to make buying an instrument as beautiful as a guitar an experience akin to buying a car.

I have lots of great guitars in my shop. A lot of great guitars. In fact, I consider myself to be one of the luckiest guys alive to be surrounded by so many awesome instruments. But they are not the only awesome instruments out there. I don’t sell Tom Anderson guitars but I am not going to tell you they stink. In fact I will tell you they are some of my favorite guitars. I have one in my personal collection that I love to record with. However, I have not been able to make the right deal with Anderson guitars to be a dealer for them. But that does not mean they are lousy guitars like some people might lead you to believe. Suhr Guitars seems to like to make their guitars with compound radius fretboards. I don’t care for compound radius so I don’t carry Suhr guitars. That doesn’t make them bad guitars evidenced by the fact that they are a very successful guitar company in a very saturated market.

I will never tell someone that a guitar is bad with the underlying reason in my head being that I do not have one to sell. If I can not make a profit on it, it might still be a fine guitar. Not everyone is like me. Some people are so morally glued to their profits that they will tell you all kinds of things that simply aren’t true. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. (just the stuff I say) LOL