What customers who purchased our guitars are saying ...


"Rick has been great to deal with on both guitars that I have purchased from him. Has to be THE NICEST GUY that I've ever talked to over the phone. He'll answer any question you have and he really cares about his products and his customers. The shipping was extremely prompt and the guitars were well packed... tell your friends!"

March 2008

"I have just received the RP double cutaway walnut/mahogany/walnut with Kinmans & a SD Custom Custom, and a Moses graphite neck. It feels and looks like a work of art. I havent started playing it yet beyond checking that the pups work, but i can see that it's a real beauty. Right now I want to pay tribute to Rick's integrity and desire to always go the extra mile. Suffice to say, if my experience is anything to go by, you can trust this man with your hard-earned money to order the guitar of your dreams, you will absolutely not regret it, and he and Mike will do their best to give you the best guitar they can build at a price that should put Fender Custom Shop to shame. He is always forthright and will tell you what he can do and what he can't do. I would definitely recommend Rahan Guitars to anyone who wants a one-of-a-kind guitar custom built. Reply from Rick @ rahan: WOW! Thanks! But no more graphite necks! LOL"

September 2006

"cool site"

Peter Jones
June 2006

"This may be off topic for the Testimonials, since I'm not a Rahan customer (although it looks like a terrific shop), but I am a McNaught customer and am ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED 5 years later each time I pull her out of the case it's a thrill. Neck is think, straight, strong, and has barely moved a millimeter since I bought it. The quilt draws a crowd when I play - it looks so good people assume it's fake. Sustain unrivaled by any guitar I've ever played. Rahan looks to have a nice selection and a good price (in the 3k range)."

February 2006

"Rick, The guitar made it here today safe and sound. I worked all weekend so I was able to finish work around noon today and get home to try the guitar out. First of all, this is a beautiful instrument. I suppose the flaw you spoke of is in the wood in the back, but it really looks natural with the instrument. The grain of the wood is awesome, and the two (or actually three) tone effect really makes this guitar stand out. The first thing I noticed was how light this guitar was. It is really unbelievably comfortable and the neck is just right for my hands. Of course the looks are great, but my goodness, the tone is out of this world. I played the guitar through my regular setup (Boss compressor, tube king, and a Marshall tube amp) and it struck me right off how clear and crisp the tone was. The single coil settings were great, but the humbucker really kicked, probably as close to my Les Paul as any instrument I've played. I then plugged it into my Boss multi-effect presets, and these settings really brought out how clean the sound was. Then I plugged in the Line 6 Pod and it was off to the races. I don't think I found an amp or effect setting that the guitar didn't sound great on. What really impressed me was the tone variation from the front isolated neck pickup to the bridge humbucker. It almost sounded like two different guitars through the same setting. After playing the guitar for most of the afternoon I believe what sets this one apart is that it has that rare combination of clarity with sustain and a great edge from the humbucker. Quite honestly, I didn't believe that you could really build a guitar that gave you great single and double coil sound, but this one does. This is as nice a guitar as I have ever played. You should be very proud of your instruments; they do indeed have "soul" as you once mentioned in one of your emails. Looking back, it was probably a great blessing that the Melancon had the flaw in the finish. Although I'm sure it was a fine instrument I'm sure your guitar will be one of my favorties for a long, long time. Thanks for your help and your patience with this entire episode. I promise you that if I'm in the market for another guitar I'll get in touch with you. Richard"

February 2006

"I just bought a .38 Special on eBay and I am extremely happy with the guitar, especially since I didn't have much info and was pretty much buying blind. It's a swamp ash model with this geen coloring going through it, sorta like a piece of treated deck lumber only a lot prettier. A green pearloid pickguard to match and some really nice scroll work covering the back of the guitar. It was made in 2001. I love the feel of the wood(body and neck) and the light weight, the nice chucky neck profile, but most of all the SOUND. I have a dozen other strats, from a 57 Reissue to Ibanez Roadstars to Warmoths put-togethers, and none sound as clear and bright. I even have one with the same Rio Grande pickups and it sounds a lot different. I'm sure one of the reasons is the excellent care taken in wiring and shielding it. If fact, if this guitar had a 1 5/8" nut width instead of the 1 11/16" and had deeper contours( like my 57) and a vintage trem instead of a floating one, I would have to get rid of all my other strats because they wouldn't get played anymore. So considering I was totally gambling in buying this, I could not be happier with it. Thanks for a great product.-Tom Cusic"

Tom Cusic
December 2005

"Rick & Mike, thanks for "Sarge's guitar," it's an incredible axe. I use it for jazz combos, big band, rock and country bands, and it always sounds perfect. My bassist complains if I try to play anything else. (I had broken a string, and didn't have any spares with me.) I couldn't have prayed to afford this from the Fender custom shop, I'm so glad I found you guys. Thank you!"

Brendan Owen
December 2005

"Thanks Rick & Mike for a wonderfully crafted instrument for a great price. It’s great to be able to communicate with the makers and owners of the company and get 1st class service through and through…… Try that at Fender or Gibson. Thanks again guys and keep Rocking, Albin List "

Albin List
July 2005

"Thanks for all your help with choosing the right guitar. The New Orlens VooDoo is exactly what I needed, something a little different from the rest. This is one incredible guitar. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Also thanks for the quick shipping."

Josh Jacobson
May 2005

"Sorry i didn't get my testimonial out sooner but here it is.... Thanks SO MUCH for the beutiful Teal strat. Free shipping usually means, "It'll get there when it gets there." Not this time! I got a Great Price, a Great Guitar and it seems like the thing was on my doorstep before I hung up the phone!! Thanks again and I'll talk to you for my next purchase (just as soon as my wife gives me clearance) Best, Billy Heller"

Billy Heller
March 2005

"I purchased a Hamer Newport and a New Orleans this year and I could not be more pleased. Rahan is a pleasure to deal with and I hope I will be able visit them one day. I had my doubts about buying over the internet but Rick makes it easy and will help if there are any problems. Of course I do get professional setups as would be the case with any instrument."

Nathan Sax
June 2004

"I'll admit 2 things. My friends and I are hackers and the nearest we get to good blues is at the Yale Hotel in Vancouver. We got tired of looking at carbon copy factory produced crap(?)-I won't mention names. My friend Chris who is the only knowledgeable serious musician I know recommended Rahan. I got talking to Rick and almost cleaned him out on blems (there aren't many) and prototypes. Lucky me, I got to try all 3 guitars. It was a tough choice as I really don't know what I'm doing. Rick was very helpful in objective descriptions. I finally picked the .38 special because it has that sound, and let my friends fight over the Vaquero and RP-Proto. Lots of beer smoothed everything out. I hope to make a first and power the .38 from a portable solar panel in northern Canada this summer. Thanks very much Rick and I will be back for a custom made in less than a year. By the way, the courier Rick used got the guitars from Texas to Vancouver in less than a day."

Mark Nighswander-
April 2004

"First of all thank you for the great customer service! Rick Cantu is the MAN!!! He was really helpful with all my questions...and I think I made the right choice - which was really hard since all your guitars are beautiful. The .38 Special arrived today and I couldn't put it back in the case; It's absolutely amazing instrument ( this is a serious maple top with a major sound! ) - probably one of the highest quality craftmaship I've seen. ..and this guitar has SOUL!!! You guys are amazing! Thank you for everything! :-) Balage LA session guitarist - producer "

Balazs Antal -
April 2004

"I am a repeat customer of Rick's and let me say "Rick is one of the easiest goin' cats around!" I have nothing but good things to say about Rick and Rahan Guitars. I've bought three guitars from Rick and every transaction has been a pleasure. Keep up the good work...and I will be back for a New Orleans next time!!!"

Darren Walters
March 2004

"I was searching the web looking for a custom built guitar and happened to stumble onto the Rahan guitars site. As I was looking around I noticed that they made their own custom guitars as well. So I started a back and forth e-mail run with Rick talking about their guitars and just guitars in general. It was just like talking to an old buddy. I checked out the new RP line and was extremely impressed with what I saw. So Rick tells me that they sell their prototype guitars to the public, at a huge price cut I might add. He sent me pics of all the ones they had in stock at the time, and I decided on a killer walnut RP model. After a month of working on finishing up the guitar Rick made little suggestions along the way that turned out to be great ones. I drove out to Texas from Alabama to pick up my guitar and let me tell you that I was not dissapointed at all, in the guitar and in the genuine hospitality Rick showed my wife and I . I was thrilled at the feel and fit of the guitar, and the black hardware Rick suggested set the whole thing off. This will not be the only Rahan I own. I have various PRS and other brands as well, and this Rahan sits right up there with the best of them. I can't say enough good things about Rick and the guitars he and his partner Mike make. If they keep this level of attention to detail and customer service up, they'll be one of the big boys soon."

Dave Calhoun
August 2003

"You know, I really wanted a LP (hey I'm a throwback: I started playing in 1972!). So when I showed up at your shop I was ready to buy the blue/brown LP if nothing was wrong with it (there wasn't as far as I could see). But then disaster struck! You had to go and open the /other /case. And of course, once you left the room, I thought "Hey, I'll just play it a little to see what it sounds like". This thing sounded increadible! And it played even better. No visiable flaws at all that I could see. The fit and finish was as close to perfect as I would ever expect from a hand made product. There was no comparison between the LP and the McNaught (lets see... about the same price as a new Class 5 LP and 5 times the quality... DUH!). So, even though I'm a traditionalist, and the Phoenix has a "modern" body style, I decided to buy it. I figured if I still really wanted a LP, I would order a McNaught Vintage Series later. ..... Well, a week has gone by, and I cannot imagine getting rid of this guitar. Ever. Period! Since all I have right now is a small practice amp to play it through, I thought that I would go to my local guitar shop, and look for a new amp. I caused quite a stir when I took it out of it's case! Played through a real amp, this thing has character and a very distinct sound - clarity and sustain that will not quit. Several of us played it through a couple of different amp brands and models and nobody ever even thought about running it through any effects. So to sum it up, I have gotten over my LP addiction and replaced it with a McNaught addiction (thanks Rick!). Cliff Chappell "

Cliff Chappel
August 2002

"I met Mike Curd under utter, sheer happenstance as I was looking to buy an amp for my tele via ebay. During our exchanges of email he noted this web site and the custom guitars. I'm in Lawrence, Kansas, and, believe it or not, there are a LOT of players here and there is a bunch of traffic (music and player wise) between Austin and Lawrence. After looking at the solid beauty and obvious craftmanship that has gone into the Rahan Zebra_1!! I'm saving my pennies now to see if I can step up and into one of these fine, American made pieces of art."

Steven W.
July 2002

"Rick has been the absolute best in customer service. On the guitar that I bought, it was found that there was a wedge chipped in from a previous owner. Rick found this out, replaced the neck and sent me pictures of the whole process so I knew exactly what was going on. I cannot wait to see this beauty. If this guitar is anything compared to his service it will be without competition!!!! This guy is the best!"

Philip Daravingas, Boston, MA
May 2002