Vintage Single Cut

Serial: 0415187

This one almost did not make it to the floor to sell. When I pulled it out to check it, my hands melted around it and I found it very hard to put down. This baby is just oozing vibe! The rosewood neck is awesome.

The paint on the neck to body joint is a pleasure to view. Some rosewood neck setnecks made by other manufacturers have been really disappointing when it comes to the finish on the rosewood-to-bodywood paint transition. This one is superb. McNaught is one of the few who seem to be able to do this consistently. So I called David up to ask him about it. He got a laugh out of my compliments and said, "So you noticed!"

He said they worked hard on it and it came to the other Dave in the middle of the night. So I asked what it was.... no way. They got it figured out and they are not going to tell

DTM Vintage Single Cut
Diamond Flame Top
Paua Offset Blocks
Indian Rosewood Neck
Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard
Coil Tap
Rio Grande Pickups
Locking Tuners
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