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From the swamps of Southern Louisiana comes the excellent hand-crafted guitars of the New Orleans Guitar Company. Hand made one at a time by master luthier Vincent Guidroz .Presently offering two models: The VooDoo Custom solid body neck through and the JB-14 semi-hollow body neck through. All are 5-piece neck through guitars and have incredible feel and tone. Why? Because they are not standard neck throughs, they are the neck thru 5 piece construction all the way up through the headstock spine - no broken heads here, all the same piece. The zero heel allows easy access to upper registry. Some other manufacturers want to put a butt at the heel for stability. However, with 5 piece construction the neck is plenty stiff to accomodate the zero heel and not give up any dead spots or strength integrity. They have carved tops AND ergonomically carved back for comfort and improved fretboard presentation. Zero fret for easier bending of strings, allowing a player to play heavier gauges without being uncomfortable. The neck boasts a very cool 3 piece figured maple trim with the middle piece matching the guitar color. This has to be seen, it is awesome. New Orleans Guitars has an incredible reputation and a following of high end happy customers. Most of them get sold before they ever get on the site. I love them because even with my very liberal return policy, no one ever sends one back!

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