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David McNaught is making some of the finest guitars in the world. His reputation has soared and continues to grow in a positive light with every guitar that goes out the door. Production is limited to about 12-14 guitars a month. Every guitar gets the attention of the master craftsman. The shop consist entirely of 3 people. David - the Master Craftsman, The other Dave who was personally trained to DTM's standards and does the spray booth work. And one other shop hand who's job it is to keep the machines and the shop maintained. The neck inlay work is an artwork masterpiece. No two are alike. Even the no charge offset position markers look much better than many others. For those who have tried everything else and are now ready for the ultimate guitar. Best built, best sound, best playing, incredible finish. David McNaught is a guitar player himself. A good one! He knows what it takes. When you open the case of a McNaught your eyes are in awe. When you pick it up to play it your hand melts to the custom carved neck back that David designed around the shape of a hand in the playing position, not modelled after a letter in the alphabet.Treat yourself to the finest guitars on the planet.

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